Rappeling FAQs
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The classic tour lasts a total of approximately 6-6.5 hours. That includes transportation time to and from the meeting location. The Extreme Zip Rappel Tour lasts 6.5-8 hours including transportation. Here's a map and directions to the meeting location.

You're provided with a neoprene boot with a felt sole that you can hike, rappel and swim in. You'll do about 100-200 yards of walking from the van to the base area on a gravel or dirt road (which may be muddy or dusty), so flip-flops, sandals or sneakers are OK to wear on your way to and from the activity. Whatever you wear may get muddy or covered in Maui's famous red dirt, so wear something inexpensive and/or washable.

You'll want to wear something in between your skin and the harness. We recommend pants or shorts that are mid-thigh or longer, and a tee shirt or rashguard long enough to protect your waist. Some suggestions: longer swim trunks, board shorts or light-weight pants, leggings or yoga pants and a quick-drying shirt, rash guard or tank top.

While you can wear a two-piece bathing suit under clothing, wearing a swimsuit alone usually leads to discomfort from the harness, the terrain, or the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. Wear something that can get muddy, dirty or snagged.

You can bring a wetsuit top, especially in the winter, or if you're sensitive to chilly water. Bring a towel and a dry set of clothing to change into at the end of the trip, so that you can ride back in comfort. Leave all jewelry (including wedding rings) at your accommodations, as you won't be able to wear it on the tour. It's very unlikely that items lost in the pond during the tour are retrievable.

Rain or shine, we go. There is at least a little rain in the rainforest every day. When very rainy weather causes water levels to rise too high to safely use the waterfalls, we use stations that are a safe distance from the water course. High water days are very thrilling, as the roaring waterfalls make for a spectacular sight. We operate in a protected valley away from the ocean; unlike most other outdoor tours, it's very rare for us to cancel due to weather.

Bring a towel and a change of clothes to change into after the tour. You can bring a waterproof camera or video recorder, with the understanding that the rugged and wet nature of the tour can damage fragile devices. If you lose a device in one of the pools, it's usually not possible to retrieve it. We do provide all your necessary gear, including backpacks and footwear. We also provide lunch, snacks and plenty of bottled water. The tour is not suitable for people who rely on certain medical or assistance devices or medications. Please ask a reservation agent for details.

No, but we will provide your with a pack that's intended for rappelling in water.

Please keep them to a minimum, as it's possbile for items to become damaged or lost. Small items will usually fit in the waterproof kegs we provide. Bring these items in a sealable plastic bag, as it possible for kegs to leak or break.

Don't leave valuables in your car. If you're meeting the van at the Central Maui Park and Ride with personal items or valuables in your car, bring them with you in our van. If possible, leave valuables and luggage at your resort/hotel.

Yes, rappelling is often the perfect activity for families with active kids and teens. Children 10 or older who weigh at least 70 lbs. may participate in the Classic Rappel tour when accompanied by an adult. Children 14 or older who weigh at least 90 lbs may participate in the Extended Zip Rappel Tour when accompanied by an adult. If a member of your party who's under the age of 18 is not accompanied by a parent, we can send a participation form for an e-signature before tour time to the child's parent. We're not able to accept a signature of a relative, family friend or adult  sibling in lieu of a parent signature.

Your waist must measure between 22" and 48". You must weigh a minimum of 70 lbs. and a maximum of 250 lbs. for the Classic Rappel Tour, and between 90 lbs. and 230 lbs. for the Extreme Zip Rappel Tour. We weigh each participant (in private) at the meeting location. All participants must be able to understand spoken English well without assistance and speak it fluently. Your safety is our top priority, and so this activity may not be suitable for some people due to a medical or physical condition or for people who use some medical devices or equipment. It's not suitable during pregnancy. It's not suitable for those with hip, neck or back issues, or for those with a heart condition. Please call us to learn more about participating.

You can make a reservation and accompany the tour by using the hiking trails to the bottom of each descent. Observers can watch the group from the top of each rappel station, then a guide will accompany you on the hike down to the pools to join the rappellers. Please note that both rappellers and hikers must be able to hike unassisted at least one mile, over a mix of rough, steep, uneven or slippery terrain. Please ask a reservations agent for more information on accompanying a tour on the course as an observer.

Your guides will provide you with plenty of bottled water.

A catered picnic lunch is provided daily, using fresh ingredients. Your choices include:

  • Vegetarian/Vegan Wrap: Tortilla wrapped around hummus, tapenade, quinoa, chopped tomato, fresh lettuce and carrots.
  • Turkey: Tortilla wrapped around freshly-sliced Legend Carolina turkey breast, pesto cream cheese, fresh greens, carrots and chopped tomato.
  • Roast Beef:Tortilla wrapped around freshly-sliced lean roast beef, pesto cream cheese, fresh greens, carrots and chopped tomato.
  • Gluten-free: Freshly-sliced Legend Carolina turkey breast or lean roast beef wrapped around pesto cream cheese, fresh lettuce, chopped tomato, and carrots.
  • Granola bars and fresh Maui pineapple.
  • Freshly-made chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Yes, there are two flush toilets on-site at the gear shed, and two private changing rooms. Once at the falls, we ask that you exit the streams and pools and "water the plants" in the surrounding forest.

Yes; however, mosquitoes don't land well in breezy or foggy conditions, and they don't usually come out into sunny areas. We have repellent wipes, but you probably won't need them. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt will protect you from most bites. Please do not use spray repellent, as it damages the helmets, harnesses and gear.

You will get some sun exposure, especially during the late summer months. Use reef-safe sunscreen or a physical zinc or titanium block to keep the sunscreen from washing off early, and to keep chemicles out of the stream water and ocean. Be prepared to be in the sun for at least an hour. You may wear a baseball cap or visor under your helmet to protect your face and keep the sun out of your eyes. A long-sleeved rash guard is usually adequate protection for your arms.

If you must reschedule your tour, please call us with at least 24 hours notice. If you cancel your tour with less than 48 hours notice, or if you don't show up at your scheduled tour time, we don't issue a refund. If you cancel your tour with more than 48 hours notice, we issue a refund minus 10%. We don't issue a refund if a participant doesn't meet the age or weight restrictions at check-in, so please make sure to weigh yourself at least 48 hours before your tour date. You can find the full cancellation policy at the reservation booking page; it's also emailed to guests upon making a reservation.

For more information, here's an extensive, detailed list of frequently asked questions. Our blog is an excellent source of information about what the tour is like, and provides tips and suggestions for making the most of your day.