about rappel maui


3 days

This is the essential canyoneering course and is designed to give you the confidence you need to pursue your canyoneering explorations to the next level. The course teaches beginning and intermediate techniques and helps you to feel more comfortable in a canyon setting. It will prepare you to travel through canyons rated up to 3C in the technical canyon rating system. Includes:

  • canyon topography and rating systems
  • canyon navigation and route finding
  • canyoneering gear selection, use and care
  • climbing, belaying and hand lines
  • utilizing transient anchors for belays, hand lines and sequencing
  • how to evaluate and rig specialized canyoneering anchors and belay systems
  • the importance and proper use of tension-releasing hitches
  • rappelling and passive lowering / Contingency Anchor systems
  • efficient rope deployment and rigging
  • locking off on rappel
  • meteorology and flash floods
  • canyoneering style and ethics
  • ascending fixed ropes
  • transitions from rappel to ascend and back to rappel
  • basic wet canyon skills
  • anchor Dynamics

Private courses are available.
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