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3 days
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The Advanced Canyoneering course is designed to give intermediate canyoneers the skills and techniques necessary to travel through canyons rated through 4C in the canyon rating system. It builds on techniques and systems taught in the Technical Canyoneering course.

  • advanced knots and anchor systems
  • rigging and using retrievable anchor systems
  • transient Anchor systems
  • review of Artifical Anchor systems
  • advanced techniques for rope deployment
  • efficient rope management
  • multi-pitch rappels discussions
  • sequencing and pre rigged rappels
  • simul Rappels and special circumstances
  • combination rappel and passive lower for long drops
  • advanced rope work for traverses and extremely strong water current
  • guided rappels, re-belays and deviations
  • ascending fixed ropes
  • passing knots on ascend and rappel
  • strategies for first descents
  • basics of Mechanical Advantage systems

Private courses are available.
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