Ready to "level up?" If you're a thrill-seeker who likes to push the envelope, or if you're a Rappel Maui alumnus who wants to tweak the vacation tradition, the Zip Rappel Tour takes the action to new extremes. This extended tour is a 7 1/2 to 8-hour experience (including transportation).

You'll make as many as 4 advanced drops of up to 110 feet, including waterfall rappels and a "zip rappel" or "guided rappel" through free space, past a waterfall, that ends with an exhilarating water landing.

Operates 3 days per week; $290.63 per person (includes tax)

Please make special note of the requirements and special considerations for this tour.

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Here's A Summary:

  • Hike a short distance on private rainforest valley trails to a 50-foot waterfall.
  • After briefing and demonstration from your guides, you'll practice your technique down a 40- to 50-foot descent that you can repeat.
  • Take a guided rappel off the edge of a 50-foot waterfall cliff, and then a "zip" through free space 80 feet across the canyon over the water with a "splash down" into a deep pool.
  • Rappel another waterfall, then take on a 35-foot rock climb up the face of the falls (weather and water permitting.)
  • Finish big with a 110-foot dry rappel down the "Savage Ridge," or repeat the zip rappel, depending on conditions.
  • If long periods of heavy rains or severe weather cause high or swift water or raging falls, we modify the itinerary and use rappel stations that are a safe distance from the water course.
  • The hike back to the top is a well-maintained trail under a cool canopy of plants, ferns and trees. Use the anchored ropes as handrailings, and stop to rest, take photos and drink water when necessary. You'll do a total of one mile of hiking with a total elevation gain of about 400 feet.

Activity Price: $279.00 + tax

Three tours weekly; subject to availability. Make reservations online or by phone. Ask about hotel/resort pickup.

Special Considerations & Restrictions

This activity is intended for participants who are physically fit and are experienced in rugged activities. Please note minimum age of 14; not recommended for those over 65. Participants must weight between 90 lbs and 230 lbs. Call to ask about the demands of the activity relative to your age, fitness or abilities. Rappel Maui may refuse to honor bookings at tour time if participants are in any way unfit for the activity.

See the directions and map to the meeting location.