about rappel maui

About Rappel Maui

Imagine the beauty, the wonder, the magic of Hawaii's tropical rainforest and waterfalls. Now you can experience it all in the most intimate, thrilling way: Cruising down jungle canyon cliffs and natural waterfalls by way of rappelling. What is rappelling? It's a practice used in the outdoor adventure sport of canyoneering to explore vertical terrain using fixed or anchored ropes and other equipment.

Learning to walk down walls of water and rock on Maui, one of the most remote places on Earth, is an activity that engages all the senses. No previous experience is necessary to go deeper into nature in the most hands-on, sensational way possible.
We'll do the driving, the instructing the demonstrating; we'll provide all your gear (including footwear), a picnic lunch, bottled water and fresh tropical fruit. You'll take three rappels down a private rainforest canyon with waterfalls and lush forest trails. The intimate location makes for Maui's most exclusive and private outdoor tour. You can do this!
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