Turn up the intensity and excitement of the classic tour with this new-new rappel-climb-zip hybrid tour. Duration is about 7 1/2 to 8 hours including transportation.

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Both the rappel device and carabiner above are rated to hold several thousand pounds, as is all our equipment. It's important to have the highest quality gear. We depend on it just as much as you do.  Get more information on our equipment and other safety related topics.>

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If you're a go-getter with your sights set on making your vacation truly memorable and unique, you won't find a tour like this one anywhere else on Maui.

With multiple descent events, including a cliffhanging zip rappel through free space that ends with a splash, you have a full day of making your way through the canyon like a rock star.

The action begins with a 40- to 50-foot training rappel. Take some do-overs until you're feeling confident. Then it's on to tackling waterfall descents and cruising through the air on a zip rappel through free space 80 feet across the canyon falls. Try some climbing up the 35-foot face of the waterfalls and finish big with a 110-foot ridge rappel. Ready? You can do this!

Activity Price: $279 +$11.63 tax

All participants must weigh between 80 lbs. and 230 lbs, with a waist measurement between 22 and 54 inches. Minimum age 14, not recommended for those over the age of 65.

Three tours weekly, based on availability. Make reservations online or by calling 808-445-6407.

See the directions and map to the meeting location.